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College of Science and Technology students are winners!

August 11, 2010

A team of chemistry and computer and information sciences students from Temple’s College of Science and Technology won a student programming competition at the recent TeraGrid ’10 High Performance Computing Conference in Pittsburgh, Pa.

The Temple team consisted of chemistry undergrads Peter Shannon and Eric Hontz, CIS undergrad Ryan Houlihan, and CIS grad student Moussa Taifi. Among the tasks the students had to perform was writing a program to simulate planetary motion of the solar system and visualization of different voyager space probe trajectories.

“I think what gave us an advantage over other teams was that we had a mix of students from computer science and chemistry which helped to tackle the diverse nature of the problem sets,” said Dr. Axel Kohlmeyer, Associate Director and Research Associate Professor in Temple’s Institute for Computational Molecular Science and the Temple team advisor.

Congrats to the winners! Here’s a link to more info about the competition:


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