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Hot Jobs

July 6, 2010

Here in the Philadelphia area, temperatures are expected to stay above the triple digits for most of the week.  While many people can retreat to the comfort of an air conditioned home or office, KYW Newsradio posted a story this morning about the folks who have no choice but to bear the heat.

While people might not want to lose a day’s pay, in high temperatures like these, work can go from being uncomfortable to downright deadly.

Robert McNamara, chief of emergency medicine at Temple University Hospital, warns that heat exhaustion could be a problem.  “Flu-like symptoms plus a throbbing headache, cool skin, chills and a pale, weak pulse can all occur,” he said.

The worst thing for someone with heat exhaustion to do is to ignore the symptoms, or try and work through it – it could lead to heat stroke, which can become very dangerous very quickly.  If unchecked, it can cause dizziness, halucinations, even organ failure and death.

For the folks stuck outside today, McNamara advises to drink plenty of water, and find a cool place to sit during breaks, to allow body temperature to fall.


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