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Up, up and away…

April 14, 2010

A group of Temple University engineering students tested a high-altitude balloon on campus this afternoon, sending the balloon several hundred feet in the air outside Gladfelter Hall.  The tethered balloon carried a camera and other sensing equipment down-linking  data in real-time back to terra firma.

The students, who are doing this as their senior design project, will be launching the balloon at State College, Pa., this Saturday.  According to their faculty adviser, Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor John Helferty, the balloon will soar to about to about 120,000 where the balloon will pop and the data equipment will parachute back to earth about 60 miles away in Lancaster County, Pa.

“Hopefully, it will come down in some nice cornfield so we won’t have to go climbing any trees to retrieve it,” said Helferty.

Watch a slideshow of today’s test flight here.


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