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Engineering their future

March 22, 2010

About a dozen students from Philadelphia’s George Washington Carver High School visited Temple’s College of Engineering last Friday to get a better understanding of what a civil engineer does.  The students–sophomores, juniors and seniors–are all currently taking a civil engineering and architecture course at Carver.

Asst. Professor Naji Khoury talks to the Carver students about civil engineering

A teacher at the high school reached out to Temple Civil and Environmental Engineering Chair Michel Boufadel, as well as Civil and Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor Naji Khoury, who arranged for the students to visit the university.

Khoury took the students to his lab where he engaged them in experiments and exercises to give them hands-on experience of what a civil engineer does.  The students prepared pervious concrete specimens by mixing aggregates, cement and water, and then testing them for permeability; constructed a mechanically stabilized earth wall using only kraft papers and poster board; and testing apples, soil and concrete specimens to give them an idea about the strength of a wide range of materials.


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