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Last Day in Haiti

March 15, 2010

Dr. Bresler writes:

Hard to believe it’s our last day already – seems like we just got here!

Yesterday was another great day.  We split into groups again and traveled to different villages about an hour away.  Both teams had busy days treating over 100 patients!

Last night we had the opportunity to go to a local “club” to celebrate the success of our trip with some of the Haitian staff (drivers, translators and nurses) who we worked with all week.  The club consisted of one room and an iPod in the corner.  We ordered food a day prior since most restaurants don’t stock any food (they run to “the market” with each order) and we enjoyed a sampling of Haitian cuisine.

At 10PM the power went out and we headed back to the HHF.  This morning we organized our supplies and began to pack.  Even though this was our “free day,” we started the morning visiting the local hospital.  What an experience!   We were able to see the Operating Room (although had to walk through a hallway full of rubble to get there) and the primitive maternity and birthing suites.  Each patient room had over 10 people – many were trauma victims from the earthquake.

After the hospital we spent an hour at the beach swimming and playing soccer with some of the locals.  The beach is so beautiful, but it was filled with trash and medical waste.  We had lunch at the Director of HHF’s house and are now back preparing for our departure.  Our charter flight into Port Au Prince is early and we arranged for a tour of some of the earthquake destruction before we head back to Philly.


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