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Haiti, Day 4

March 13, 2010

Dr. Bresler, on the second to last day in Haiti:
The weather is getting hotter.  Almost 95 degrees today and seemed even hotter working outside in the sun.  We split up into two groups again.  My group worked at a village health workers home in the town of Marfranc.  When we arrived our chairs had been setup on what seemed like a side of a cliff.  There were rocks and boulders supporting the legs of the “dental chairs.”  There were only 15 patients there when we arrived. Our first few were young children who made some noise during their injections – this free publicity quickly attracted many more patients.

We saw a lot of older patients today.  One 88 year woman had a very difficult extraction.  She kept getting upset and tried to leave many times – one of the translators told us she wanted to go because she felt bad we were struggling so hard with the tooth.  When we finally got the root tips out she waved her hands in the air and began to sing and gave us all hugs – things you don’t often experience in the states.

The village was also pretty buggy today.  When a tooth was extracted we had to try and get the gauze in the patients mouth very fast or the sockets would fill with gnats.

The other group had over 80 patients waiting when they arrived and treated everyone successfully!  Back at HHF there were 6 patients waiting for us when we returned who needed difficult third molar extractions.  Overall another great day.  Everyone is tired but doing very well.  It is hard, but very rewarding work!


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