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Dental students head to Haiti

March 8, 2010

The Haiti Club at Temple’s Kornberg School of Dentistry arrived in Port-au-Prince yesterday as part of its annual trip to deliver oral health care in the rural town of Jeremie.  The club is made up of several students and faculty members who have been traveling to Haiti for a number of years, and it has been one of the most popular outreach programs at the school.

All this week, TempleCuttingEdge will feature postings from Josh Bresler, faculty advisor for the Temple Haiti Club who is accompanying students on their trip.  Check back often for updates:

March 7, 2010:

We are safe at the Haitian Health Foundation in Jeremie.  It has been quite an

Dental students arriving in Haiti, 2009

experience.  We arrived in Port Au Prince and collected all of our supplies.  One of our bags was missing so we were the last group through Customs.  We cleared with no problems but our usual driver was not there.  We had to hire taxis to take us to the other airport a few miles away which was a little hectic.  When we got to the check in desk the agent told us because we were so late that we would not be able to make the flight to Jeremie and would have to stay in Port Au Prince until the morning.  With some good persuasion and begging we were able to take our flight to Jeremie.  Because of weight limitations we could only bring half of our bags and are hoping that everything else will come tomorrow morning.  Sister Maryann, the director of HHF, is confident that they will come.  Everyone is doing well.  We are excited to get to work tomorrow morning – we are told that we will be going to a school and seeing a few hundred children who are all refugees from Port Au Prince.


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