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Wyeth/Pfizer honors Suri for Environmental Efforts

December 21, 2009

Rominder Suri (center) is honored by Wyeth/Pfizer

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, which is now a part of Pfizer, recently honored Temple Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Rominder Suri, for his contributions over the past decade in helping the company develop and implement innovative wastewater treatment technologies worldwide.

Suri, who is director of Temple’s Water and Environmental Technology (WET) Center, has been working with Wyeth, now Pfizer, on wastewater treatment projects at their plants in Brazil, India and Ireland, as well as the United States and Canada.

Wyeth/Pfizer has over the years taken a very pro-active approach toward wastewater treatment and environmental protection said Suri, and in many of their manufacturing locations Wyeth/Pfizer have addressed environmental concerns in the absence of regulations requiring action and on some of the more technically challenging projects they have leveraged the laboratory analytical and treatability capabilities of Temple University to develop new, novel and more cost effective solutions particularly in the area of removal of micro-constituents from wastewater.

Suri’s research has not only included developing wastewater treatment technologies, but also the development of analytical methods on how to measure the amounts of pharmaceuticals and chemicals in complex wastewater.  Until recently, there were no known analytical methods, but the EPA just announced two analytical methods that are very limited in scope.

The analysis of micro-constituents in wastewater is not a trivial matter, and requires highly sophisticated equipment and laboratory procedures which is why we have invested very heavily in our analytical laboratory at the WET Center, said Suri.

Ed Helmig and Richard Constable from Wyeth/Pfizer presented the award at the WET Center before taking a tour of the state-of-the-art research facility in Temple’s College of Engineering.

Helmig who is the wastewater treatment practice leader within Pfizer’s Global Engineering (PGE) group and graduate of Temple’s Environmental Engineering Program (1984) indicated that innovation and leadership are among the core values at Pfizer and “we expect to continue to work with organizations like Temple University to maintain our status as an industry leader in the areas of water, wastewater treatment and environmental protection.”


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