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Stretch a dollar, stretch a waistline

October 21, 2009
2 for $1 honey buns are just part of the problem

2 for $1 honey buns are just part of the problem

Temple’s Center for Obesity Research recently published a study which found that for a little over a dollar, young children can go to their local corner store and load up on things like chips, candy and soda – and add a whopping 360 extra calories to their daily intake.

Research has shown that school based programs can help cut obesity rates among urban school children in half, but the folks at CORE are afraid that external factors like these corner stores – which some children frequent twice a day, everyday – could be undermining those efforts.

Lead researcher Kelley Borradaile says that knowing the price points and preferences for these students can help store owners come up with healthier options – single serving snack packs, or dried fruit, or baked chips, for example.


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