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Won’t someone think of the children?

September 8, 2009

Any child of divorced parents will attest to the the pain felt when they hear one parent say something negative or spiteful about the other.  Divorce lawyers and child psychologists alike all advise parents not to speak ill of each other in front of the children, if nothing else, to spare their feelings.

The Gosselins, while not saying anything nasty to each other, seem to be telling anyone else who will listen exactly how they feel about each other.  And it’s all documented in the public forum.

“Reality television has provided a new avenue of research in this area,” says Brian Daly, a child psychiatrist in Temple’s College of Health Professions.  “We know what happens in the real world, but the effects of being under the scrutiny of television cameras could mean something totally different.”

He also says the fact that everything going on in the family – from the slow unravel of the Gosselins’ marriage documented on their TLC show, to the recent Good Morning America interview in which Jon Gosselin said he “despised” his soon-to-be ex-wife, is now preserved in an archive of sorts, and there’s no clear indication of what kind of effect this will have on their children.

 “It could help the children to see it, or it could hurt them,” he said.  “We can speculate, but in the end, we won’t know if there’s been any damage until the children are older.”


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