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Run Robot Run…

August 6, 2009

Fourteen Delaware Valley high school students got to test their engineering skills over the past six weeks, earn two college credits, and have some fun in the process.  They took part in the Temple College of Engineering‘s “Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering” summer course, taught by ECE Professor John Helferty.

A robot in the maze

A robot in the maze

The course is hands-on, with the students learning some of the basic concepts of electrical and computer engineering by designing and building a 3.5×2.5×5.5-inch battery-powered, microprocessor-controlled robot containing such features as infra-red sensors and motor controllers.

The summer course concluded this morning with a competition in which each robot is required to navigate an obstacle course in the shortest time possible. The course featured walls, a pit, a hill and a 6×6-ft maze.

Watch as the winning robot runs the course:


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