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July 23, 2009

In addition to the encyclopedias, almanacs, and dictionaries, cyberspace is another very big reference source for students doing their schoolwork.  But user beware, says Temple educational boy_homeworkpsychology professor Glenn Snelbecker, not all online information is reliable.

“It’s like buying a new car.  Whatever is published online is not always true,” he says.

Snelbecker suggests one way of checking a Web site’s credibility is to check if the source of the information and additional contact information is provided.  He says that sites written by educators, people who work with children, or are sponsored by educational institutions and organizations can be considered good, safe bets.

“You have to use good judgement and you really need to know that a particular Web site is a reliable source,” adds Snelbecker.  “Having a pretty site doesn’t necessarily make it good.  It’s the content that is far more important.”


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