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All shook up…

July 1, 2009
US Geological Survey map of the July 1 quake

US Geological Survey map of the July 1 quake

A small earthquake measuring 2.8 on the richter scale struck the Delaware Valley around 9:45 a.m. this morning.  Although the quake–which was centered in Pennsville, N.J.–was considered light to weak in shaking intensity, it was felt as far north as Malvern, Pa., and as far south as Dover, Del.

“We really don’t know the name of this fault or where it really is, but it bascially follows the Delaware River from Trenton all the way down right past Camden and Phildelphia, through Wilmington, then further down into Maryland,” says Temple Earth and Environmental Science Professor George Myer, an expert in catastrophic geology.

Myer says the fault is small compared to the faults in California which cause large and destructive earthquakes.  He said today’s local seismic activity was not very significant, “but it is one more little quaky shaky.”


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