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Summertime Opportunities

June 17, 2009

Some Temple students use the summer break as a chance to take an extra class or catch up on that missed pre-requisite they need to advance in their majors, while others simply take a break from the rigors of academics to spend time at the beach, get a summer job or perhaps travel.

But then there are those Temple students who see the summertime as an opportunity to expand their academic horizons by working in the lab with a faculty researcher or enrolling in a prestigious, specialized summer program at another institution.

Chemistry Professor Eric Borguet interviews students for CST's SURP program

Chemistry Professor Eric Borguet interviews students for CST's SURP program

This summer, Temple’s College of Science and Technology initiated its Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP), which aims to expose undergraduate students to research and assist them in getting a head start on a career in research. Through the program, the undergrads spend the summer working with scientific research faculty on currently funded research projects, for which the students can earn up to a $4,000 stipend. The stipend is funded through an equal match between the College of Science and Technology and the researcher’s grant.  Nearly 40 undergrads are working with 21 research faculty from the College of Science and Technology, College of Engineering and School of Medicine.

Some Temple students, however,  apply and are accepted into prestigious research and academicprograms outside the university.  Some examples:

Jordan Weaver

Jordan Weaver

  • Jordan Weaver, a junior mechanical engineering major, received a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and will be working on hydrogen technology at the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory/NIST Center for Neutron Research in Gaithersburg, Md.  He said he hopes to use the experience as as a stepping stone to a career in the alternative energy field.
  • Andrew Ricchezza, a junior mathematics major, is attending the Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics at North Carolina State University. A six-week summer training course sponsored by the National Haert, Lung, and Blood Institute, it provides an intensive classroom introduction to the mathematical principles and methodologies of biostatistical research.
  • Gordon Chui, a junior chemistry major, is attending the Research Experiences of Undergraduates program at Rice University, where he will be working in the lab of Bruce Weisman, a leading expert on near-infrared nanotube fluorescence.  He has been working for the past year on visible fluorescence of carbon nanotubes in the lab of Temple Chemistry Professor Eric Borguet.
  • Bess Puvathingal, a doctoral student in psychology, was selected to attend the Office of the National Director of Intelligence‘s National Security Analysis & Intelligence Summer Seminar in Washington, DC.  The seminar is only open to 30 highly motivated graduate students interested in careers in intelligence analysis.
  • Kunal Dalal, a junior biology major, is participating in the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program at Duke University.  Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, it is a six-week intensive academic enrichment summer program to assist qualified undergraduate students from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in medicine and dentistry, and those from economically or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds, compete successfully for medical and dental school admission.

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